Thursday, January 7, 2010

Miracle blessed Kattachira Chapel to attain Global Marian Centre status

KOTTAYAM : The chapel of the Kattachira St Mary's Jacobite church, near Kayamkulam ,where believers throng to have a glimpse of Mother Mary shedding fragrant tears for more than two months from a photograph, is all set for a proud conversion as a Global Marian Pilgrimage Centre. Based on the miracle and testification by scores of terminal patients afflicted with many diseases that their illness has been proved to be fully cured through prayers in front of the photograph, the Patriarch of Antioch has granted a Marian Pilgrimage status for the place. Patriarch Ignatius Zakka I has recently passed his order in a communiqué to Catholicos Baselios Thomas I, the supreme head of the Jacobite church in India.

The formal announcement of the status will be done at a function in the chapel, slated for January 10,at 2 pm, said Mathews Mor Theodosius, Metropolitan of the Kollam diocese, Abraham Mannikarotttu Corepiscopa, diocesan secretary, Chevalier Bibby Abraham Kadavumbhagom, church working committee member, chapel vicar Fr P K George, Manoj Mathew church managing committee member and Alex M George at a news conference here today. The decision of the Patriarch is also based on the report of a three member Synod committee headed by Catholicos Baselios I.

The bishop and office bearers said that there is no valid explanation for the tears pouring from a flex photo occasionally ,but only as a miracle and unusual powers which might have come to the place .It is for the believers to approve or disapprove it. They added that the same phenomenon is seen in three more snaps taken from the master photograph and placed in the altar of the chapel. That it is not so with photographs taken by believers from the same master copy and placed at their homes, they pointed out and added it is for those concerned to scientifically explore the phenomenon, if at all such a measure is warranted. They also said that fragrant oil is also coming out of the Holy Scriptures kept in the chapel for service.

Source: The New Indian Express, Jan 07, 2009



George Paul said...

I have visited the church, I found drops on the photos and now not pouring down

kuruvilla said...

On maunty thursday (1st April 2010)
, Blood oozed out of infant Jesus's palm, in the same photo.
I have a photo of it, but am unable to upload it here.

Kuruvilla joe

marphy said...

I and my family visited the church.I found tears pouring down on the photo.Its realy a miracle.Mother mary please pray for us.

zak said...

We have visited the Church. The ambient atmosphere, constant prayers make the Church holy.

I would suggest to conduct prayers by the Priests all through the day - at the top of the hour. It should be prayers that we are being bestowed upn by our holy fathers.
Zacharia Mathews

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