Thursday, January 8, 2009

[Saint-george-taybeh] Ecumenical Letter

Dear Friends of Saint George Taybeh,

I pray and I hope all of you will have a most blessed, healthy and happy New Year.  Yesterday was Orthodox Christmas in the Holy Land and I am very sad to say that the Holy Land did bury another child named Christina who never made it for this holy Christmas celebration reaching the death toll of 710 killed and over 3000 injured. (Those who follow Holy Land news might remember the ten-year-old Christina that was also killed on March 28, 2003 as a victim to Israel’s cruel and unlawful assassination policies. I have a special connection to the name “Christina” because she is my ideal Orthodox character)

This is one child. One story.  There are hundreds more and yet hundreds more about to happen tonight, and tomorrow ... until this madness ends.  Please help by contacting your local senators and representative.

The US Senate is preparing to vote on a extremely unbalanced resolution on the War in Gaza. The resolution can be seen here: <>

CALL YOUR SENATORS NOW and let them know you oppose any legislation which places blame on only one side, fails to recognize the plight of the Palestinian civilians suffering under Israel siege for years before the war, and does not hold Israel accountable for any violations of International and American Law and the Laws of War.

With sincere appreciation for your support and solidarity, maria

I have also just added my name to the ecumenical Christian letter to President-elect Obama and I thank you if you have done the same but I am writing to encourage others to do so.  American Christian leaders and congregants of the Catholic, Evangelical, Orthodox and Protestant traditions have joined together to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and urge President-elect Obama to make Israeli-Palestinian peace an immediate priority of his Administration.

You can support this Christian Call for Holy Land Peace by adding your name to the ecumenical letter that has been signed by Christian leaders and congregants from across the nation.  Visit
<> to sign the letter and join your fellow American Christians in supporting vigorous U.S. diplomatic efforts to secure a just and lasting two-state solution.

To view the letter and a list of the national Christian leaders signatories, and to add you name, go to
<> .  

The last day to add your name is January 16, 2009.  The letter signed by national Christian leaders was sent to the Obama transition team on December 1, 2008.  The final letter signed by leaders and congregants will be delivered to President Obama during the time of inauguration.  Please stand with those calling for peace in Holy Land by adding your name today at

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