Tuesday, June 30, 2009

St. Mary's Orthodox Bookstore: Breaking the Chains of Addition

St. Mary's Orthodox Bookstore: Breaking the Chains of Addition: "'Breaking the Chains of Addiction' is a self-help book with information and quotes obtained from Eastern Orthodox Christian spiritual books. The author helps the addicted reader attain to that blessed 'passionless state' which the saints have acquired through the spiritual methods in the Christian world dating back to the third century. So many of us struggle with addictions of one kind or another; they may be severe such as alcoholism or drug abuse or more hidden such as sexual addictions, smoking, even addictions to crutches like TV, the Internet and video games. Within the Orthodox Tradition there lies a very specific 'cure' for all addictions large or small. Pastors, priests and lay people alike will find 'Breaking the Chains...' is a terrific source of inspiration and a great book for group study that offers an easy-to-understand guide to Orthodox monastic practices that all of us can use in our daily lives."

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