Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Evening Prayer for 3 day Lent

An Evening Prayer for the Three-Day Lent

En'yono of Evening Prayer
Propers for the Three-Day Lent

O Lord! We knock at thy door. Out of your abudance Lord, grant us
grace and mercy.
Receive our prayers and grant us forgiveness for our sins.

O Merciful One! Like the Ninevites we call out to You. Lord of Mercy,
have mercy upon us.

O Lord full of Mercy! Remove from us, the just fruits of our wrongs
and punishments that we have earned by our sins.

Lord! We sinful ones seek rest and support in You, make us worthy of
Receive into you presence O Lord, our repentance and this humble

Translated from
Malpan Konatt CorEpiscopa Mathan
MOC Publications- 2008

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