Thursday, December 18, 2008

Newsweek: Gay Marriage & the Bible

By Jerome Chandler

 I think part of the blame for the whole Gay and the Bible thing is,
it can be laid at the feet of the church, or more specifically sola
scriptura protestants, who by lifting the Bible above the Church and
Holy Tradition actually caused it to become lower in value because
this "Bible Only" mindset have produced a generation of people who
divorce the Bible from the church that put it together in the first
 Becuase Sola Scriptura and those of that ilk think that they as an
individual or group can interpret and use the Bible as they see fit,  
gays and others who for whatever reason do not follow Christ,
logically conclude that they also have the right to do the same, even
if they come up with different conclusions, or even go so far as to
say that the Bible is irrelevant to the discussion because of past
polygamy supposedly allowed by God.

 When in actuallty the question should no be "what does the Bible
say about this or that?"  It should be "what has Christ revealed to
the church through Holy Tradition, the Bible, the Father and Mothers,
the Councils ect...  The Church is His body the Bible is its book.  
 Its almost like reading a cook book about how to make different
kinds of muffins, and different groups of people presupposing that
they think the book is about making eggs, or sugar, or bread, or
cookies, all the while never asking the one who made the book what it
was about, why they made it, where did they get the recipe from ect...
The same thing is happening here, in that article no one stopped to
say what did the church who put the bible together in the first place
have to say about this, and now those sola scriptura chickens are
coming home to roost, and the day will come where those same sola
scripturist, interpreting as they see fit, will now when witnessing
to gays and agnostics ect.. be forced to deal with the fact that
those who are not christian will feel they have the right to
interpret the Bible as they see fit, and those same sola scriptura
will have no choice but to appeal to the ancient fathers and holy
traditions to back up their beliefs, which will actually be a good
thing actually, and makes more logical sense believe it or not.  It's
already happening as I am seeing more and more of the ancient fathers
quotes turning up in evangelical/protestant magazines, semons, and

 Now thats not to say RC's, EO , and OO dont have a hand this
either, we all do, especally those of us in the past, present, or
future who use the church like our own little kingdom to hatch our
little power ambitions and struggles, personal differences, geo-
politics, and inter-jurisdictional fighting.  We are responsible too
because we have given the world the illusion of a divided Body of
Christ (even though there's no such thing, as His mystical Body on
earth cannot divide, but people leave the Body when they become
schismatic, but from the outside in it looks that way), so to the
world its seems that the church is irrelevant as they say "even they
cant decide on what to believe, so how will we know the truth?".


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