Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Palestinian Christians

The Palestinian Christians consider themselves the forgotten faithful. The media around the world outlets do not portray the lives of Christians in Palestine, so the truth does not get delivered on the doorsteps of everybody's homes. Furthermore, the complicated politics and persistent violence in the region make people hesitant to start learning the facts. The big picture doesn't come quickly, and it takes time to become comfortable with the new issues. Many organized Christian Churches recognize the crisis facing the future of the Christian presence in the Holy Land.

Our Palestinian Christians' Goal:
• Educating people about the plight of Christians in the Holy Land.
• Building Christian solidarity between Christians all over the world and Palestinian Christians through pilgrimages, publications, and communications.
• Developing church-to-church, family-to-family, and person-to-person partnership programs in order to bring people of the world and Palestinian Christians together for future cooperation.
• Selecting, funding, and overseeing specific projects that provide better living conditions for Christians in the Holy Land. Project areas focus on employment, education, and housing.

A majority of fifty-six percent of Palestinian Christians are found outside of their country. -
On October 30, 1948, the Israeli Army marched into the northern Galilee village of Eilaboun (عيلبون). My uncle Badia and 17 other men from the village, who had been hiding with the rest of the village in two churches, were marched to the village square. -
News about the Palestinian Christians and Support:

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