Thursday, September 25, 2008

Indian Center for Social Change 2

1.Madappally Theeram
Nalunnakkal is a picturesque village near Changanacherry in Kottayam District. The villagers, many of them farmers, are comfortable with their leisurely lifestyle. Though there is progress in many areas in the village, the plight of the poor and other marginalized sections, especially that of the mentally challenged population, has been pathetic. ICSC's intervention with its 'Theeram' center for the mentally challanged children brought new light and hope to these people. ICSC opened its first Theeram center at Madappally and later moved its center and the office headquarters to Nalunnakkal. Theeram center was inaugurated by children with developmental disabilities in a simple ceremony by lighting a nilavilakku, the ceremonial lamp of Kerala. Twenty Eight young adults come to the centre for training. They are picked up from their homes in the morning and returned to their homes in the evening. The support the center receives from the villagers has been particularly overwhelming and encouraging. Nalunnakkal Theeram center trains 28 students with vocational skills.
2. Kurichy Theeram

Kurichy is a sleepy hamlet, south of Kottayam city in Kerala. The Theeram center in Kurichy is now awakening the villagers with its activities for children with developmental disabilities. Theeram at Kurichy hopes that the center would be a ‘shore’ for many children with developmental disabilities. We appreciate the support extended to us by the Kurichy Gramapanchayat and its leaders.

3. Alathur Theeram

Alathur, a village in Palakkad district, Kerala’s greenbelt, has become the home of India Center for Social Change’s third vocational training center. Alathur was one of the first villages where ICSC conducted its social survey. The center is housed in a traditional Kerala house in a picturesque location near a beautiful and popular Hindu temple. As in other Theeram centers, the Alathur center had already identified children with developmental disabilities. The Alathur Theeram center opened on February 24, 2005. At a well-attended function, the first 10 children who joined the center, inaugurated the new center by lighting the traditional lamp.

4. Kunnamthanam Theeram

ICSC’s fourth vocational training center for mentally challenged children was inaugurated on Saturday, 12th February, 2005. At a function held at Pulinthanam, a small village in Pathanamthitta district of Kerala State, mentally challenged children inaugurated the new center by lighting the lamp. Twenty mentally challenged children joined the center after ICSC staff identified about 45 such children in the village through a social survey.The transformation ICSC's Theeram has been able to make in the lives of the students is well apprciated by parents and the villagers.
5. Puthuppally Theeram

Mr. Oommen Chandy, the former Chief Minister of Kerala, formally inaugurated ICSC's "Theeram" vocational training center at Puthuppally in Kerala on Saturday, June 25, 2005. Inaugurating the new center, Mr. Chandy praised the services and contributions of ICSC towards the upliftment of mentally challenged children, a much neglected section of the society. He expressed his happiness about ICSC extending its presence to Puthuppally, Mr. Chandy's own electoral constituency, and offered every help to the center from his government.
6. Kuttoor Theeram

India Center for Social Change opened its sixth "Theeram" vocational training center at Kuttoor in Pathanamthitta district in Kerala. The center was inaugurated on July 7, 2005. In the tradition of Theeram, 9 children who have joined the "Theeram" center in Kuttoor, have together inaugurated the new center by lighting, nilavilakku, the traditional lamp. The opening ceremony was attended by an enthusiastic crowd. Rev. Kuriakose Moolayil Corepiscopa (ICSC Director) presided over the function. Fr. Joseph Kulathramannil (on whose property the new center is constructed), Fr. Mathews Edathara (Vicar, St. Mary's Church, Augusta, USA), and Mrs. Mercy Joseph (Panchayat President, Kuttoor Panchayat) attended the inaugural function and spoke on the occasion. Mr. M.T. Jayan, co-ordinator of the center welcomed the gathering and Ms. Jayammol Thomas proposed vote of thanks. The function was followed by cultural programs presented by the mentally challenged children.
7. Alappad Theeram

The Tsunami affected village of Alappad was identified by "Theeram" for the support work sponsored by the Syrian Orthodox Archdiocese of USA. We helped the villagers overcome the mental trauma of the tragedy. Several camps were conducted to help the affected. "Theeram" participated in the cleaning works of Alappadu village, immediately after the tragedy occured. A Theeram centre for the mentally challenged was started and is functioning well with the whole hearted support of the villagers. Several other supports measures are also being taken up. For more details see: (Tsunami Project)

8. Kasargod Theeram

Kasargod district is one of the most afflicted areas by the unscrupulous misuse of endosulfan pesticide. The percentage of severe mental retardation and the related disbilities here is alarming. ICSC undertook a detailed survey in 2006 and found the athetic plight of the affected people. Therefore we were prompted to start a center here. We identified Kayyur-Cheemeni panchayath and started a center on, 2007. 18 young adults are benefited by our works through this center. We almost had to close down this center due to financial pausity, but the timely intervention of Mr. Ajay George (Kuwait) with financial support helped us keep the center afloat. The Panchayat authorities too have agreed to bear certain percentage of the expenses there.

9. Karukachal Theeram

A Theeram center was inaugurated on 23 September, 2007 at Karukachal.Fifteen young adults have joined the center and are being trained by our committed staff. Overwhelming local support enabled us to locate and renovate a house where the center is now is functioning.
10. Kozhencherry Theeram

Theeram center at Kozhencherry is the newest and was inaugurated on 22 November 2007. Here the center is jointly organised by ICSC and the Rotary club of Kozhencherry. We are grateful to the Rotary Club for providing us with their facilities and a vehicle to pick the incumbants of the centre. We now have about 20 students at this center.


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