Monday, August 3, 2009

Helps us invite the president to our community center

Here is a link to the Whitehouse contact page:

President Obama is visiting Northern Indiana this week, on Wednesday, day after tomorrow.  We have invited President Obama to visit the Mor Gregorios Community Center to see how people are making a difference in the lives of their neighbors.  Volunteers at the Mor Gregorios Community Center help folks file their unemployment claims, their week unemployment reports, prepare resumes, do on job job searches, and many more related activities.  Many of the volunteers are unemployed themselves.

We invite you to send a message to President Obama encouraging him to visit the Mor Gregorios Community Center, it’s about one hour of his time to see how real people are truly making a difference.  And you can also make a difference by inviting the president to drive on down to Plymouth and see the real world at work helping American get back to work.

Please go to the Whitehouse web page we have listed above and send the message.    No matter where you are in America or the entire world, you can send this message.  And if you want to get an even strong message to the Whitehouse about having the President visit Plymouth and the Mor Gregorios Community, call the Whitehouse.

Do it right now to make a difference.

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