Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mar Cassian's Columbus Ministry

A video story which appeared on the online edition of the Columbus Dispatch about the neighborhood served by Mar Cassian and about his ministry there.

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Anonymous said...

Good Day

The work Archbishop is doing with the children and the area is great.

If you could see how the children have grown with his ministry is something else.

He teaches them to cook, clean, plant a garden, helps with their home work. He has many helpers that come in to assist him. You
never have enough help.

He cooks for about 80 children a day, and it is real home cook meals not out of a box. Archbishop is a great cook.

Some of the children this is their
only meal of the day.

He has coffee and rolls every morning for who ever stops in
for a friendly cup of coffee and
to get warm in the winter or cool in the summer.

The church depends on donations
for food, utilities, etc.

So anyone that would like to help out I know the children would
appreciate it.

Columbus, Ohio

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