Saturday, April 25, 2009

Plymouth Family Needs Your Help! Please Read.

Plymouth-A fire in downtown Plymouth Sunday, April 18th left four adults and
four children without a place to live.

Libertarian leader Ryan Liedtky and Father Theodosius of St. Mary the
Protectress Syriac Orthodox Church have teamed up to help bring some relief
to this family, but they need the public¹s help. A box will be placed at the
church, located at 1000 S. Michigan Street in Plymouth, right across the
street from Webster Elementary school, for donated items, such as clothing.
Also, monetary donations will be accepted.

The box will be made available to the general public starting Monday and
lasting through Friday, May 1st. Saturday morning, May 2nd, at 10:00 a.m.
Father Theodosius will present the donated items and money to the family in
a ceremony to be held at the church.

³We can make a difference in the lives of our friends and neighbors,² Father
Theodosius said Saturday. ³We have a community center (at the church), and
people who need help are there helping others as well,² he continued, citing
a need for the community to come together and lend a hand to those who are

Ryan Liedtky requested that anyone who can afford to make even the smallest
of donations should do so. ³If my house caught fire,² Ryan said, ³I¹d need
the help of caring members of the community. Likewise, when one of them
suffers, I should step up and offer my assistance however I can.²

Liedtky has asked that clothing for young teens, as well as infants, be
donated. ³They have an infant as well,² Liedtky noted. ³They have enough
monetary worries now, so they¹ll need diapers and baby food as well.²

All donations can be dropped off at St. Mary the Protectress Syrian Orthodox
Church, 1000 S. Michigan Street, Plymouth, Indiana. Anyone with any
questions is asked to contact Ryan Liedtky by phone at 574-952-8409, or to
stop by the church.

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