Sunday, April 12, 2009

Resurrection vs. paganism

In this video Judith Irene Matta, MTh discusses the reason that the term "Easter" (derived from the goddess Ishtar,) has replaced the original name of Pascha, denoting Christ's Passover from Death to Life as He raises bodily from the dead. Christ's Descent into Hades has not been taught in the western Christian churches. The Early Church teaching, still sung in the Orthodox hymns of Matins and Pascha, help us understand Christ's defeat of Death, the result of Adam's Sin passed along to each of us. UFO abductions, Astrology, and Native American worship are the Babylonian religion of Ishtar still permeating much of today's subcultures. The satanic myth of her descent into the underworld to rescue her lover counterfeits Christ's true Descent in His soul into Hades to rescue Adam and Eve, raising them and the OT saints from Hades and Death, routing Satan and opening Paradise to all who believe in Him for their salvation. The Orthodox Icon of the Resurrection depicts this defeat!

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