Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why I am Orthodox

Why I am an Orthodox?

Doctrinal Stability.
Evangelicals' desire to return to authentic Christianity will never be
fulfilled due to the chaos and extreme individualism. Without a
paradosis, or "the faithful handing down" of belief as hermeneutic
precedent, doctrinal fads abound. There are no spiritual fads in
Orthodoxy, yet the Holy Spirit is alive and well in the Orthodox Church.

Historical Legacy.
Eastern Orthodoxy is the representative of the most ancient of Christian
traditions, and linked by unbroken continuity with the thought and
doctrine of the apostolic age. In contrast, modern American/Evangelical
Christianity seemingly refuses to value or acknowledge the Church

Unbroken Apostolic Succession.
An unbroken lineage of bishops that dates back to the leadership of the

Historical Revisionism.
Evangelical, Pentecostal, and charismatic movements teach that they are a
return to a lost "pure Christianity" when in fact they are something
entirely new altogether. I would probably still be Baptist or Assembly of
God today if those in leadership had been straight with me about Church
history in the first place.

Orthodox worship has remained virtually unchanged...
... since it was first instituted by the apostles themselves. While
Protestant worship is centered around one person talking, or modelled
after secular entertainment. In Charismatic worship, the 'move of the
Spirit' can depend greatly on how secure the music minister is in his

Sola Scriptura.
The early Christians were not Sola Scripura. Each Christian community had
a different combination of books until 398 AD when an official New
Testament was finally canonized. If early Christians were not Sola
Scripura, then they must have been in error, right?

World View.
While Evangelical Christianity is preoccupied with conspiracies, sinister
agendas, etc., the Orthodox Church has a sober, more realistic outlook.

Political Ideology.
In modern Evengelical churches, there is an increasing trend to determine
spiritual/social status by one's loyalty to political conservatism- a
popular and recent philosophy, not a spirituality. There is no such
pressure in Orthodoxy. The church has firm views on certain issues, which
in turn have strong political implications, but one's loyalty is expected
to be to the community of believers (the ekklesia), not a carnal
political group.

The Ultimate Endorsement.
The conversion of Campus Crusade for Christ leaders and their entire
congregations en masse (1987) and the conversion of Frank Schaeffer.
Frank's books, as well as those of his father were major influences in my
life. The Schaeffers were proof that you didn't have to "dumb down" to be
a Christian. Frank's conversion speaks volumes.

Church Stability.
I have witnessed the self-destruction of several churches since I was a
young. I want to raise my child in a congregation that will be there in
fifty years and be teaching the exact same thing.


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