Friday, November 28, 2008

OBL Statement on Terrorist Attacks in India

OBL Statement on Terrorist Attacks in India

Dear Members/Readers

The recent terrorist attack on India can be seen as an act to challenge
democracy and peace. Many innocent people has lost their lives in this
barbaric act by some anti-democratic and perverted groups. OBL strongly
condemns this barbaric act.

We salute the courage of the hotels staff, NSG members, Military, Police
Force, Commandos,Media and all those who have risked their lives to defend
Mother India.

May these kind of incident never repeat anywhere in the world. Regardless
of caste, creed, sex or nationality let us all unite against terrorism and
defend democracy, fraternity and peace. We take this opportunity offer
special prayers for the departed souls, may God strengthen the families of
the lost ones. Peace be with them.

Thanking You
Mr Subin Varghese
For the Entire OBL team

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