Friday, November 21, 2008

Snow Shoveling Party - You're Invited

Well the first big snow is here. Not much, but we need to shovel the snow from the parking lot and the sidewalk so that people can get into the church. So we are having a party and you're invited. For those of you who already today got to work out with your snow shovels, you are already warmed up. For those who did not have to get the snow shovel out today, and perhaps never do, we will give you time to warm up before you start.

So come on over to the church in Plymouth; begin your snow shovel if you have one. We will provide the hot coffee and coca...and the snow.

By the way, my truck is parking in the church parking lot so you migght want to park acrioss the street. The school has already had their snow shoveling party.

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