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News of the Apostolic Visit to India - in Malayalam

Malankara Malpan Very Rev. Curian Corpeicopa Kaniamparambil with His Holiness

Photo - 28 October 2008


(Apostolic Visit 2008: News in Malayalam)

Oct. 29, 2008:

(FINAL DAY of the Apostolic Visit - Day 12)

1. The Supreme head of the Church leaves India after completing 12 day Apostolic visit

Mathrubhumi (News dt. Oct 30, 2008)

Oct. 28, 2008:

(Apostolic Visit - Day 11)

1. His Holiness visited the South Paravur church; Mor Philoxinus Mattias Nayis led the Holy Qurbono (Mathrubhumi; dt. Oct 29, 2008)

2. 4th Apostolic visit of the Holy Father comes to an end on Wednesday (Mathrubhumi; dt. Oct 29, 2008)

3. The Holy Father honoured Very Rev. Adai Jcob Corepiscopus, the Principal of the M.S.O.T. Seminary, with the title 'dabrono hakimo'

4. Communist Party supremo of the State visited His Holiness

(a) Mathrubhumi (b) Malayala Manorama (News dt. Oct 29 2008)

Oct. 27, 2008:

(Apostolic Visit - Day 11)

1. Mooron Consecration of the reconstructed Mazhuvannur & Pazhukkamattom churches held by His Holiness (Mathrubhumi; dt. Oct 28 2008)


2. The Patriarch to participate in the Holy Qurbono in South Paravur Church on Tuesday (Mathrubhumi; dt. Oct 28 2008)

3. His Holiness to visit the ancient Akaparambu Church before the conclusion of the 4th Apostolic Visit to India, on Wednesday the 29th

Oct. 26, 2008:

(Apostolic Visit - Day 10)

1. His Holiness the Patriarch presided over the Holy Episcopal Synod of Malankara Church held at Kothamangalam Church (Valiyapally)

(a) Mathrubhumi (b) Mathrubhumi (c) Malayala Manorama (News dt. Oct 27, 2008)

2. Rally and various Cultural programs of Sunday School students held at Puthencuriz; Holy father blessed the participants

(a) Malayala Manorama (b) Mangalam (News dt. Oct 27, 2008)

3. H.H. Patriarch to visit the tomb of late lamented Catholicos Mor Baselis Paulose II at Malecuriz dayro on Monday Oct 27th (dt. Oct 27, 2008)

Oct. 25, 2008:

(Apostolic Visit - Day 9)

1. Historic Malankara Association at Kothamangalam

(a) Malayala Manorama (b) Mathrubhumi (b) Mathrubhumi (d ) Mathrubhumi (News dt. Oct 26, 2008)


2. Holy Qurbono at Kothamangalam Church


3. Holy Episcopal Synod at Kothamangalam on Sunday (Mathrubhimi; dt. Oct 26, 2008)

4. His Holiness to celebrate Holy Qurbono in North Paravur on Tuesday,October 28 (Mathrubhumi; dt. Oct 26, 2008)

Oct. 24, 2008:

(Apostolic Visit - Day 8)

1. Former Malankara Metropolitan Mor Koorilose Paulose canonised

(a) Mathrubhumi (b) Malayala Manorama (News. dt. Oct 25 ,2008)

2. St. George Church at Puthuppally consecrated; Holy father led the Mooron consecration (Mathrubhumi;; dt. Oct 25 2008)

3. As Patriarch of Antioch arrives, Manarcaud falls into a frenzy

(a) Mathrubhumi


4. The Patriarch & the Catholicos received at Kumarakom Atttamangalam Church (Mathrubhumi; dt. Oct 25 2008)

(a) Mathrubhumi (News. dt. Oct 25 ,2008)

5. The Holy Father given mammoth reception at various churches in Pathanamthitta (Mathrubhumi; dt. Oct 25 2008)

6. Gurudeva Charitham will be staged for His Holiness (Kerala Kaumadi; dt. Oct 25 2008)

Oct. 23, 2008:

(Apostolic Visit - Day 7)

1. Patriarch visited Manjinikkara dayro and Pathanamthitta Cathedral (Mathrubhumi;; dt. Oct 24, 2008)

2. Warm welcome to the Supreme head at the Knanaya Archdiocese headquarters at Chingavanam

(a) Mathrubhumi (b) Malayala Manorama (News. dt. Oct 24 ,2008)

3. Cathedral Status for the Kundara St. Mary's church in Kollam diocese (Mathrubhumi;; dt. Oct 24, 2008)

4. Patriarch welcomed at various places inPathanamthitta district (Malayala Manorama; dt. Oct 24, 2008))

5. Preparations completed for the 'Jacobite Syrian Christian Assoication' to be held at Kothamangalam; H.H. Patriarch to be present (Mathrubhumi;

Oct. 22, 2008:

(Apostolic Visit - Day 6)

1. Priests Assembly and a joint council of the Church's Working & Managing Committees, met at the Church headquarters in the auspices presence of His Holiness (Mathrubhumi; dt. Oct 23 2008)


2. Ancient Rakkad Church bestowed with the title 'Cathedral Nercha Pally' (Mathrubhumi;; dt. Oct 23 2008))

3. Canonization declaration of Mor Koorilose Paulose Kochuparambil on 24th at Panamapady Church (Mangalam; dt. Oct 23 2008))

4. The Holy Father arrived at Kottayam (Malayala Manorama; dt. Oct 23 2008))

Oct. 21, 2008:

(Apostolic Visit - Day 5)

1. Sainthood conferred on Maphryono Mor Baselios Sakralla; Kandanad Church becomes Cathedral

(a) Mathrubhimi (b) Mangalam (c) Malayala Manorama (News. dt. Oct 22 2008)

2. Bethel Suloko Church in Perumbavur in Angamali diocese declared a Cathedral (Mathrubhumi; dt. Oct 22 2008)

3. Four century-old Rakkad Church to be announced as 'Nercha Pally' today by His Holiness (Mathrubhumi; dt. Oct 22 2008)

Oct. 20, 2008:

(Apostolic Visit - Day 4)

1. Mor Yuyakkim Koorilose Bava declared Saint at Mulanthuruthy Church

(a) Mathrubhimi (b) Mangalam (c) Malayala Manorama (News. dt. Oct 21 2008)

2. The Patriarch at Kandanad today; Sainthood to be conferred on Mor Baselios Shakralla

(a) Mathrubhimi (b) Mangalam (News. dt. Oct 21 2008)

3. Thamarchal St. Mary's Church raised as 'Valiya Pally'

(a) Mathrubhimi (b) Mangalam (c) Mathrubhumi (News. dt. Oct 21 2008)

4. Malankara Association & Synod at Kothamangalam on coming Saturday and Sunday (Mathrubhumi; dt. Oct 21 2008)

5. His Holiness to visit Perumbavur Bethel Suloko Church on Tuesday morning (Mathrubhumi; dt. Oct 21 2008)

Oct. 19, 2008:

(Apostolic Visit - Day 3)

1. Reception to the Patriarch & Conclusion of Sacerdotal Golden Jubilee celebrations of the Catholicos

News 1...... News 2....... News 3...... News 4....... News 5...... (Mathrubhumi; dt. Oct 20, 2008))

News 1...... News 2...... News 3...... New 4........ (Mangalam; dt. Oct 20, 2008))

News 1...... News 2..... (Malayala Manorma; dt. Oct 20, 2008))

2. His Holiness celebrated Holy Qurbono at Allapra Church in Angamali diocese (Mangalam; dt. Oct 20, 2008))

3. The Patriarch to visit Thamarachal Church tomorrow (Mangalam; dt. Oct 20, 2008)

4. A FEATURE ON HIS HOLINESS by Jeby Paul (Mangalam)

Oct. 18, 2008:

(Apostolic Visit - Day 2)

1. St. George Church at Mudavur near Muvattupuzha consecrated by the Holy Father (Mangalam; dt. Oct 19, 2008)

2. His Holiness the Patriarch consecrated the Mudavur Church (Mathrubhumi; dt. Oct 19, 2008)

3. Mor Baselios Thomas I Catholicos's Sacerdotal Golden Jubilee celebrations today; Patriarch to inaugurate the public function (Mathrubhumi)

Oct. 17, 2008:

(Apostolic Visit - Day 1)

3. Patriarch accorded warm reception

News....,. (Malayala Manorama; dt. Oct 18, 2008)

News 1...... New 2....... News 3......... (Mangalam; dt. Oct 18, 2008)

News 1...... New 2....... (Mathrubhumi; dt. Oct 18, 2008)

Sep 9 - Oct 17, 2008:

Click here for News & Photos prior to the Patriarch's arrival


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