Saturday, November 1, 2008

St. Gregorius

St Gregorious - First declared Saint of the Church

St. Gregorious, popularly known as "Parumala Thirumeni" was born in the priestly family of "Pallithatta Thanagattu" in Mulunthuruthy near Cochin on 15th June 1848. The disciplined life of Mar Gregorious enriched by prayer & fasting helped him to commune with God from his childhood days. He had a thorough knowledge in Theology and Syriac. St. Gregorious was a man of prayer and made it clear to the world that Prayer and devotion is mightier than any worldly possession. Parumala Thirumeni's short life was remarkable in many respects. A deacon at the age of 10, a priest at the age of 18, a bishop at the young age of 28, passed away on November 2nd 1902, after a saintly life of prayer to become the brightest jewel in the Indian Orthodox Church.

In his bishopric, St. Gregorious established monasteries, churches and was the motivator to establish schools in different parts of Kerala and associated with varied activities and development of the Indian Orthodox Church. He was admired for his organising ability and was very popular with the masses. St. Gregorious tried to preach the Holy Gospel of Our Lord to the backward communities and many were accepted into our fold.

At the age of 54, St. Gregorious became seriously sick and passed away on 2nd November 1902, and the body was entombed at Parumala Seminary, Kottayam.

In 1947, The Holy Episcopal Synod of the Indian Orthodox Church canonised and Gregorious as the first Saint of the Indian Orthodox Church. There are hundreds of instances that proved his Saintliness. Thousands of people receive favours and blessings through his intercession. The growing flow of pilgrims to his tomb, several years after his demise, tells a story of a man of faith, prayer, healing, and great intercession.

November 1 and 2 are the main feast days of St. Gregorious.


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