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'Don't challenge the logic of any faith'

'Don't challenge the logic of any faith'

BANGALORE: Journalist and writer M J Akbar said India's harmony was being threatened by "phenomena that have emerged only recently" , having nothing to do with India's rich ancient tradition of tolerance and secularism.

Delivering a lecture on the connection between religion and power at the United Theological College here on Thursday, Akbar said India was bedeviled by arbitrary violence in the form of bomb attacks and attacks on communities and their property. "Innocents are dying. No religion in the world subscribes to such mindless and meaningless mayhem. We cannot survive if we go on permitting such violence."

Akbar argued that people had to learn to live with each other's faith - the key to India's peace, secularism and harmony. "We don't have an alternative - we need to allow people to keep their faith without challenging the logic of any faith. We have to keep our faiths and yet get along. India's secularism can only arise from among its many faiths."

There was no justification for conservatism of any sort in any faith, Akbar pointed out. "Everybody is equal within and outside faith and that includes men and women. There is no rationale to treat any person as an unequal. If the dialogue between faiths doesn't happen as equals, we will be in peril," he warned.

One of the great attributes of ancient Hinduism has been tolerance for all faiths and beliefs. "That is what we need to continue with. We should have a composite , broad and catholic vision that is respect for all faiths. Nothing comes out of defaming faith. The mistakes of a few cannot be held against the faith itself."

Akbar traced the history of major religions of the world, moving from Asia to the West and back, proposing that the one focus of all religions in the 21st century had to be peace. "The 21st century gives us everything but peace. Peace comes with better understanding , understanding comes with dialogue and dialogue happens between equals. This is the lesson for all of us."


Editor’s Comments:  Holier than thou!  That in one way or another is what we read time and again of many discussion group from Christians and priests and bishops. Christian teaches love.  But this attitude is lead to numerous wars.  It has also lead to persecutions in many countries.  The history of Christian is also the history of killing and persecution all in the name of God.

In India
many violent incidents between Hindus and Christians are occurring in Orissa, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, based on the
allegations by Hindus that the Christian evangelists are aggressive with their proselytization efforts. These incidents have unfortunately
resulted in the deaths of both Hindus and Christians as well as alleged molestation and rape of at least one nun.

In America people who claim to be Christian claim that one of the candidates for president should not be votes for because he is a Muslim.

As Christian we believe that the only path to salvation is through Jesus Christ. However, if there is to truly be religious freedom in this country, or any country, there must be a tolerance of all faiths, of all beliefs.  Any thing less is telling the other person that he or she is less than our equal.  It is a binding of them in slavery.

Some of you ill not agree with these ideas. If you do not, I invite you to make your comments.  Do just set there and read with anger and disbelief.  Click the comment key and write.  I would like to hear what you thinks.

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