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FW: [MORM] Thank you my Master, I adore at thy Blessed Feet

Thank you my Master, I adore at thy Blessed Feet

Ramesh Narayanan

May I introduce myself as Ramesh Narayanan hailing from a village near
Kozhikkode. I was born in an ordinary Ezhava family and now I am 31. I
am married and we have a son. I am working for a private company and
this enables me to earn the livelihood of my family. Unfortunately I
lost my job on 19th September 2006. I was totally confused about the
way to earn the money for the daily needs. We were forced to have
starvation. We realized and experienced the real meaning of privation
of food. I was worried about the education of my only son. How we
could send him to the School, if there is no food at home. Suddenly
Mr. Shaji Kurian, a neighbor and a well wisher of mine came forward
with the helping hand. He explained about the greatness of Saint
Mallappally Thirumeni. He advised me to seek the intercession of the
Saint and to appear for the interview.

On Sunday, 22nd Oct 06 Mr. Shaji took me to Kottayam Pazhaya Seminary
Chapel, where the Saint is entombed. I stayed at the tomb of the great
ascetic scholar for some time and prayed. I had a rose flower only
with me, which was given to me by my son, to submit as an offering. By
the time I reached Kottayam from Kozhikkode, the flower had withered

When I saw the silent and solemn situation, I realized the blessedness
of the holy place. An elderly priest came there and told "Do not get
disappointed, your desire in your mind will be made available by the
prayers of this Saint". He placed his hand on my forehead and prayed.
We were taken to the dining hall and the lunch was served. The aged
priest gave me a photo of the saint on which it was written "Saint
Vattasseril Thirumeni, kindly pray for us."

On my return to my home, I used to recite this small prayer along with
my wife and son, at least 100 times a day. In December 2006 we got an
offer of a good employment. The feast day of Saint (23rd Feb) was on a
Friday in 2007. As I had resumed duty in the new employment, it was
difficult for me to avail a holiday. So my wife, son and I went to
Kottayam along with our friend, on Sunday 25th Feb 07. We spent hours
together at the blessed presence of the tomb. In the mean time the
aged Priest had been transferred from there. We met a young and
energetic priest instead. He was also so kind to grand us food along
with blessings.

Now I am well off and am perfectly happy. As a token of gratitude, I
had published a photo of the Saint, on advice of Shaji, in a monthly
publication from Kottayam (Malankara Sabha Masika. The same Shaji
asked me to write my experience in Orthodox Herald.

St. Vattasseril is like God for us, who answers our calls so soon. He
is the bright light of our family. He is our Swamiji. For this year's
Perunnaal, a few of our neighbors and friends will also accompany me
in a mini bus to Kottayam to get an audience of our venerable Guruji.
Thank you my Master, I do adore you at thy blessed feet.

Malayalam Article Published in Orthodox Herald.

Translated by Jose Kurian Puliyeril

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