Saturday, October 11, 2008

Your Prayer Are Requested

I asked that you join myself and our congregation to remember my son-in-law, robert, as you celebrate the Liturgy. This next week, I think, he will be returning for the third time to really bad guy country. I say think because he and our daughter can say on the telephone. he is in a special operations unit. Plesae also remember our daughter Allissa and her children. I think it is hardest on th families will stay at home waiting.

I also aks for your prayers for my other daughter, Alda. She elisted in the Navy earlier this year and is now in Officers Candidate School.

I found a video on youTube which tells the story of all the service men and women who serve and their families. It is all about a letter.
Here's what the creator of this video wrote on his YoueTube site:
HE LETTER HOME::::After Judy and I moved to Florida I became acquainted with a Navy SeaBee stationed in Iraq. He and I communicated daily through the internet and ofen he thought he wouldn't live to see tomorrow. The last letter I received from Oscar he wrote that he and his band of brothers were moving to another location and that it would be a dangerous move. He had written his will and all that and sent it to his wife. Because of the secrecy of the move he was not allowed to send any more e-mail. About two weeks later I got an e-mail from Oscar. Oscar made it home safely. His picture is in the Video. It's the 19th picture.He is standing against a fence. He has a red jacket on. He is wearing sunglasses and the sign reads WELCOME HOME NMCB. I sent this video to Oscar and he did get it. Welcome back Oscar and we thank you for your service and we thank all our soldiers for their service and we wait for their safe return.

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