Tuesday, October 28, 2008

For All of Us Who Are Called unAmerican

A few days ago I posted on the parish's social justice blog an article discussing how this present election was not only make many American's unAmerican, but that they were also being told by some that they were unAmerican. I received several email, usually unsigned and without names, telling me that I was unAmerican, than being just born in this country was not enought, that I needed to act as they knew a true American would act.

Like many Americans who do not look like others, talk like others, think like others, I have never stopped know that I am an American. One of my sons served two enlistments in the Army. A son-in-law is now on his third deployment in really bad guy country. One of my daughters enlisted in the Navy earlier this year and is now in Navy Officers Candidate School. I come from a family who has served this country many times since the Civil War, and perhaps even before.

I love YouTube. You can find anything, even videos which make sure you know you are not a true American. But you can also find much more. Set back and watch. This video is my responce to those who would suggest that I, or anyone is unAmerican.

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