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Orthodoxy Beyond Limits Releases First Punlication

‘Orthodox Church of the East in the Twenty First Century: Challenges and Opportunities’

“This Book is a new hope for the Malankara Orthodox Church” .
This book contains a great Vision for the Orthodox Church" – Rev Fr T J Joshua

‘Orthodox Church of the East in the Twenty First Century: Challenges and Opportunities’

Orthodoxy Beyond Limits Forum created history by releasing the first Church Management/Administration book titled ‘Orthodox Church of the East in the Twenty First Century: Challenges and Opportunities’. This might be the first management study guide/ reference book written in the two thousand years of history of the Malankara Orthodox Church.

The releasing ceremony was held on 27/10/08, at the YWCA hall, Mavelikara, Alleppey District, Kerala, South India. His Grace Thomas Mar Atansious Metropolitan of Chengannur presided over the function. Rev Fr T J Joshua gave the Key note address. Mr Thomas Kuruvilla introduced the book. Felicitations were made byFr Mathai Vilanilam , Adv K K Thomas and Fr Alexander Vattakatu . Mr Jacob Mathew delivered vote of thanks.

Around Two Fifty Members Attended the Function.

H G Thomas Mar Athansious Metropolitan

His Grace began the speech by congratulating the author on bringing up the Fraud Claims of Reethu issue. His Grace stressed on the need for protecting the Catholicate of the all East. He also pointed out the need for revamping the media policy and the need for human resource training.

Fr T J Joshua

Fr T J Joshua asked the question "Why you are an Orthodox Christian?" He said that the book clearly briefly mentions the answer for the same.

He also added that the author has not given a blind criticism but had provided a great hope for the Orthodox Church.

The book must be seriously considered as a study material and reference guide by the Church leadership and all those relevant and practical suggestions must be implemented.

The author has made genuine attempt to brig his

"Mr George Alexander has written the book not for achieving any position in the Church and also for not any financial gains, but it has come out of the true love for the Church"

A Part from the Foreword written by Fr T J Joshua

“Here a is book which demands the attention and serious consideration of all the members of the Orthodox Church and more especially of those who hold position and responsibility in the Church. These are not random thoughts of a carefree mind but reflections and proposals of a person who sincerely and seriously think about the Orthodox Church, about its policies, programmes and prospects. The author is in touch with the developments and trends in the Orthodox tradition through website and other media.”

Shri Paul Manalil

“If this book was written fifty years back the very face of the Malankara Orthodox Church should have been a different one. The Church should have reaped many benefits out of it.”

George Alexander (Author)

The author stressed on the fraud claims of the Malankara Catholic Rite. He said that the Orthodox Church must be able to deal with the fraud claims of the Reethu only then we will be able to feel proud.

He also criticized MGOCSM for giving more importance on building flats and deviating away from the basic objective. He questioned the connection between the basic motto of MGOCSM ie Study, Service and Worship and its connection with constructing flats. He also added that construction of flats must be given secondary importance. If MGOCSM had invested the money and interest in preparing the new Orthodox Study Bible rather than in flats, they would have published the Bible earlier.

If MGOCSM did not act accordingly the Orthodox Church will soon become the 'Church of Old Age'

Author also questioned the genuine nature and commitment of Indian Christian Orthodox Network (ICON) for censoring the author with regard to the Malankara Catholic Rite Issue.

George Also added that book will create miracle for the Orthodox Church if only the Church leadership positively respond to the book. The ultimate aim of the book will be not providing benefits to Orthodox Christians alone, but activities of the Church must provide benefits to all sections of the society regardless of caste, age sex and denomination. George also thanked each and everyone who has toiled behind the book.

The Following dignitaries attended the Function

His Grace Thomas Mar Athanasious Metropolitan (Chengannur)

Fr T J Joshua (Faculty and Former Vice-Principal, Orthodox Theological Seminary)

Elavukattu Geevarghese Ramban

Shri Paul Manalil (Chief Sub Editor-Manorama)

Fr Matahi Vilanilam (Secretary – Mavelikara Diocese)

Adv KK Thomas (Church Managing Committee Member)

Shri Thomas Kuruvilla (Sub Editor- Malankara Sabha Pathrika, Faculty Dept of Malayalam- SB College)

Shri Koshy P Abraham (Church Managing Committee Member, YMCA Sub Region Chairman, Alleppy)

Fr Alexander Vattakatu (Vicar- Karthigappaly St Thomas Orthodox Cathedral)

Shri Jacob Mathew (Participatory Forest Management Specialist, Dept of Forest, Kerala)

Prof G John ( Church Manging Commtte Member, Faculty Dept of Chemistry - Catholictae College)

Special Report by
Mr Subin Varghese (Vice Chairman, OBL )


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