Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mor Gregorius Geevarghese

Parumala Bava - Pray for your Children and the unity of our Church.
Our Church was better for having him on earth. Our Church will be
better for having him in heaven. He measured up splendidly to a
sanctity beyond the ordinary"
Famous Quotes of St. Gregorious Mor Geevarghese (Parumala Kochu
Thirumeni) Patron Saint of Malankara.

" Avoid arrogance, quarrel and pride while dealing in Church matters;
instead, let your humility shine before others. Those who place
their trust in God, and satisfy the people are blessed ".

" As far as possible never do evil to anyone: or it will ruin you,
your children and your house. Hold on steadfastly to prayer, fasting
and works of charity. Do them with faith and devotion ".

" You must regularly read the Holy Bible. You must obey your
spiritual fathers and increase their good name and honor before God
and men by your exemplary life ".

" Those who disobey their parents and join their enemies, are liable
to be cursed by them. They will not inherit the legacy of their
parents and will be disqualified from this world as well as the
other ".

" If there is quarrel in family, keep away from it. A quarrelsome
house is the haven of the devil; and God is nowhere near it ".

" Be rich in love of man and love of God. Brothers should never
cheat each other. When you move away from unity you are sure to move
away from God ".

" It is not spiritual wisdom to try to conquer the enemy with evil
than with virtue. If you depend on the God of Truth and go out with
a truthful heart, God will accomplish things for you ".

" Loss and difficulties come when God moves away. On such occasions,
never look for one reason or other. Instead, know that God has kept
away because of your sins: then cling to God, he will show mercy upon
you ".

" Prayer is the inspiration of childhood, the refuge of youth and
peace during old age ".

" Forgiveness is strength. It gives a person a good name. It is the
distinguishing feature of righteous people ".

" When we pray with a heart full of devotion, God accepts it and we
receive blessings in return ".

" Whatever is due to the Church must be given forthwith. If your
mind is pure in that matter, your house will also be pure. If in
such things you think of any gain or revenue, then you will lose that
ten-fold ".

" He who prays to God everyday would never be without truth,
morality, faith and devotion, and would never turn against his master
or society ".

" Remember God in everything. Let no one grieve because of you.
Never let go an opportunity to do something good. Only those things
will remain with you till the end ".

" If man does not raise his hands in prayer for himself and for the
sake of his people, even after knowing God, how can we say man is
better than animals who are not wise and cannot think about their

Source: http://www.parumalathirumeni.com/

Let us Pray for the Intercession of this great Saint of Malankara
source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SOR-Forum/message/340

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