Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Give Me That Old Time Religion

I don't know about the rest of you, but you might like me be tired of all the talk surrounding the current election...the lies, the name calling, the half truths, the distortions. I question is just more of that good old same politics. On an Yahoo list tonight I read a bishop saying that all Democrats were godless. I guess that is why each election when our parish has a prayers servie and blessing for all candidates, the Republican never show up. those who do call before the service want to know how much time they will have to speak. They also want to be assured that they will not be debating the other party candidate. When they hear that no talking just prayers and that they can not bring or hand out material, and no buttons, or anything else, they always say they will not be able to making it. They seem to know that they have no sins, no problems, rather just a direct lick to God. The Democrats never ask they just show up. Yes it is a church full of Democrats praying.

So who did Christ come for, who did he spend His time with? Must have been Democrats. So mayby that bishop right and the evidence seems to show that the Republicans need no help, and the Demcrats do.

I spent the last presidential debate watching a baseball game on television. It was far better, and more exciting.

Perhaps it is time to get back to where we belong, get back to what it says in one of my most farvorite songs..I have even tried to sing it during some of my sermons. While I have not driven anyone out of the church while attempting to sing it, my congregation seems to get the message. We need to get back to the basics, to what we Orthodox are...get back to that old time religion.

The arrangement was done by Moses Hogan. Check out YouTube, search for his name and listen. His arrangements have the sound, feel, the tenor of what we hear in an Ethiopian Orthodox service. Imagine the Divine Liturgy with his arrangements. All I need is someone who can sing better then me and someone to play the keyboard I have.

Soon the election will be over and we can get back to the battle, perhaps the Battle of Jericho.

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