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The 28th Anniversary of Patriarchal Enthronement - Photographs

The 28th Anniversary of Patriarchal Enthronement

14 September 2008

The 28th anniversary of Patriarchal enthronement of His Holiness Ignatius Zakka I Iwas, the Patriarch of Antioch & all the East, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Syriac Orthodox Church was held at Damascus, Syria on 14 September 2008.The thanksgiving Holy Qurbono and other services were held at the St. Peter & St. Paul Cathedral in the Mor Ephrem Monastery, Ma`arat Sayyidnaya, near Damascus. Mor Severios Malke Mourad (Patriarchal-Vicar for Jerusalem & Jordan) and Mor Julius Abdulahad G Shabo (Archbishop of Sweden)were the chief celebrants and

Mor Severios Jamil Hawa (Baghdad, Iraq)
Mor Timotheos Mousa Al Shamani (Bartellah, Ninawa, Iraq)
Mor Gregorios Saliba Shamoun (Mosul, Iraq)
Mor Severius Ishak Zaka (Mosul, Iraq)
Mor Athanasius Aphrem Barsaum (Museitbeh, Beirut)
Mor Theophilos George (Bouchrieh Fardous St., Lebanon)
Mor Philexinos Matta Shamoun (Atshaneh, Bikfaya, Lebanon)
Mor Yusphinos Paulose (Zahle, Lebanon)
Mor Philexinos Mathias Nayis (Damascus, Syria)
Mor Dionysius Behnan Jajawi (Damascus, Syria)
Mor Clemis Daniel Malak Kourieh (Damascus, Syria)
Mor Osthatheos Matta Rohum (Hassakeh, Syria)
Mor Selwanos Petros AL-nemeh (Homs, Syria)
Mor Timotheos Samuel Aktas (Midyat-Mardin,S.E. Turkey)
Mor Filuksinos Yusuf Çetyn (Beyoglu,Istanbul, Turkey)
Mor Philoxenos Saliba Özmen (Mardin,S.E. Turkey)
Mor Gregorios Malke Ürek (TR - Adiyaman - Turkey)
Mor Nicholovos Matti Abd Alahad (La Plata, Argentina)
Mor Clemis E. Kaplan (Western - United States of America)
Mor Athanasius Elia Bahe (Canada)
Mor Timotheos Aphrem Aboodi(Former Patriarchal Vicar for Canada)
Mor Dionysius Geevarghese (Simhasana Churches of Kottayam & Environs, India)
Mor Militheos Yuhanon (Thumpamon - India)
Mor Polycarpus Eugene Aydin (Netherlands)
Mor Dionysius Isa Gürbüz (Switzerlands & Austria)
Mor Severios Hazail Soumi ( Belgium and France)
Mor Julius Hanna Aydin (Northern Germany)
Mor Athanasius Touma Dakkama (Great Britain)
Mor Militius Malke Lahdo (Australia & New Zealand)

were the co-celebrants of the Holy Qurbono.

Moran reserved his time exclusively for meeting of priests and believers a group of 90 who came from India to attend the celebrations. Guests took part in the banquet hosted by Moran in one of the big hotels in Ma`arat Saydnaya. From 19.00 hrs onwards the concert by the different choirs of the Syrian Orthodox parishes all over the world reasserted the beauty of our church music.

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