Friday, October 3, 2008

"Pre-denominational," in context.

"Pre-denominational," in context.

"Looking for a Church that is,

orthodox in doctrine?

orthodox in morals?

orthodox in worship?

Maybe you're looking for the Orthodox Church.

Orthodox Christianity is the Ancient Christian faith. It is Christianity in it's original, pre-medieval form, without doctrinal change or adulteration. It's Orthodox, but not Jewish. It's Catholic, but not Roman. It's Evangelical, but not Protestant.

It's not denominational; it's pre-denominational.

In the last 100 years over 60 million Christians died as martyrs to their faith in Christ. Over 99% of them were Orthodox.

Ever wonder what Christianity is really supposed to be like? What is was like in the early Church? What is is supposed to be now?

Welcome home"

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