Monday, March 23, 2009

Beatitudes-Jesus Sermon on the mountain

They climbed a mountain to hear Jesus talked. And He told they that the poor were blessed. Today at the Mor Gregorios Community Center I had to tell someone we could not help them. But he simled at me and said, "No you have helped. You listened. No one else has.You blessed me."

No it was not me who blessed this man and his family, it was Christ. And I was blessed also by being able to listen.

The Beautitudes, that is what the employment program of the community center si all about. The center lets all of us be blessed by making a difference in our friends and neighbours lives.

Join us on Saturday, April 4, 2009, for the dedication of the Mor Gregorios Community Center. And if you want to discover how you can make a difference email us at, or call the center and parish at 574-54-2048. Make a difference and being a living example of the Beauttudes.

Watch this video and hear the truth of which Jesus spoke on the Mountain where many followed him. This is the Beatitudes along with the Sermon that we all must live by. bible readings in a movie format Matthew 5:1 - 8:1. And the pick up your Bible and read Jesus' words.

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