Saturday, March 28, 2009

Help us help others

Once a rich Syrian Christian belonging to one Church in Kandanad diocese had leased a calf to a poor Nair (Hindu) widow. As per the customs that prevailed at the time, it was the right of the (lessee) widow to retain the first calf and the milk of the first season and only the cow has to be returned to the owner. But in spite of this, when this cow gave birth to a calf, the rich man requested the widow to return both the cow and calf. Disregarding the justifiable request of the lady, the rich man forcefully took back the animals. The daughter of the widow who so fond of the calf, was very sad and she even refused to take food, such was her attachment. This prompted the poor lady to approach some friends of the rich man for a solution, but failed.

Meanwhile this lady also approached our Kochu Thirumeni (Mor Gregorios) who was staying at the local Church and requested his help. On knowing the facts, Thirumeni advised the owner of the cow to return at least the calf, but his adamant attitude saddened the Holy Father. This prompted our Kochu Thirumeni to donate enough amount from his personal savings that was needed for buying a new cow for the widow. Both the poor lady and her daughter were very thankful and they become devotees of the Thirumeni. The young girl later in her life reached a very respectable position and was a frequent visitor to the Holy tomb of the Thirumeni.


Stories like this is why the center is the Mor Gregorios Community Center. His life is an inspiration tp all of us. We should do the same. How can we do any less. The center still has a utility bill and internet bill that needs to be paid. You can help. Even a dollar and twenty-nine cents will make a difference in the lives of your friends and neighbours. But we are praying that you reach a little deeper, for some a ot deeper.

The dedication of the center is Saturday, April4, 2009. We are Orthodox and will gladly and prayerfully have the service by candle light, if needed. But the computers do not operate by candle light.

Right now there are candles burning in the chapel of St. Mary the Protectress at the center with prayers raising to Heaven while in the community room your friends and neighbours are working at the computers finding new places to send their resumes, stop by and check for a job, and using Ebay to list another family item to sell so that there will be food for their children.

We do not have anything else left to sell to pay the utitily bill, so please pray hard and long without ceasing that someone feels driven by our Lord to help with it.

To discover how you can make a difference email the center at, or call us at 574-540-2048.

Please help us continue your work of making a difference in the lives of our friends and neighbours...your friends and neighbour.

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