Monday, March 16, 2009

You can make a difference

Glory to Jesus Christ!

I have told you before about our parish’s employment program.  Workforce Development has provided computers and training to our volunteers to help people file their unemployment claims and their weekly reports.  It can only be done online.  Here in Marshall County the only place some one can file is the local Workforce office which is closed on Monday and the local public library.  Our community center is the only site in the country, or the two surrounding counties to provide this service. The library, by the way has helped the program by provide additional computer equipment to us.  Ancilla College has also provide computers.  More computers and equipment is being delivering this week by people who want to make a difference for their friends and neighbors.

But the major problem is getting the word out that this free service is available.  The local newspaper, the Plymouth Pilot, has been provided information about this free program and seems to be unwilling to run a story about it. Yes, people are coming in the the community center here for help.  But a day does not go by that someone says they never heard of it before.  Why?  Only the Plymouth Pilot does the answer to that question. I am tied of being asked why.

You can help.  Please make a telephone call today to the Plymouth Pilot and ask they why.  Their telephone number is 574-936-3101.  The publisher is Rick Kreps and his email address is  The general manager is Jerry Bingle and his email address is  The managing editor is Maggie Nixon and her email address is  I found those email address on the newspaper’s web site, so they must want to hear from you.

So please make that telephone call right now.  And please send all three of them an email right now.

You can make a difference in people’s lives.

In Christ,
Father Theodosius

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