Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jim made a difference - can you?

I invite all my friends to keep Jim Cawthon and his family in your prayers. Yesterday Jim decided to make a difference in people's lives. Jim dropped off the computer switch at the church. We are now able to plug in more of the computers we have for the community center's employment program. Jim did not know we also needed a printer, but he also dropped off one of those also. thank you God for whispering in Jim's ear to let him know what we needed.

Jim is the Director of the Center for Student Achievement at Ancilla College and regularly makes a difference in people's lives.

You can make a difference in someone life also. The employment program at the community center at St. Mary's helps people file their unemployment claims and weekly reports online. The computers have been provided by Indiana Workforce Development and Ancilla College. The volunteers who work with folks were trained by Workfoce Development. In addition, individuals can do job searches online, get help preparing resumes, and practice interview skills. The community center also has addition and recovery programs, community building, and information and referral. We also pray a lot.

You can make a difference also. Want to know how? Contact the parish and community center at 574-540-2048.

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