Sunday, March 8, 2009

There's thunder...there's lighting...there's hope

There's thunder. There's lighting. But there is hope. God will shine
through and the sun will shine.

We are about to begin the celebration of the Holy Qurbana at St. Mary the
Protectress Orthodox Church. And this afternoon starting at 12 noon, our
community center will be officially open for the first time to serve all of
the surrounding communities with our employment program. The computers are
up and running and ready for people to log onto Indiana's Uplink site to
file their unemployment claims or weekly reports. St. Mary's is one of the
faith-based community organization which Indiana Workforce Development reach
out to to help with the growing number of unemployment claims.

St. Mary's will also offer help to individuals with their job searches,
preparing their resumes, and other job related activities.

Drive on over to Plymouth, Indiana, this afternoon and see how a difference
is being made in people's lives. See how you can help. This is a community
effort, not just the parish of St. Mary's. Christ called us to help our
brothers and sisters. At St. Mary's we work to live our lives as Christ
taught us. Join us in this journey.

There is hot coffee and tea. And my mother has made some of her awesome
homemade sop.

St. Mary the Protectress is located at 1000 South Michigan Street, Plymouth,
across on the corner across the street from Webster Elementary School.

Not able to drive over, than please join the prayers of all at today's
Liturgy asking God help and guidance with this important program and

Father Theodosius

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