Monday, March 30, 2009

Making a difference

In these video a deacon discusses how we can make a difference in the world. Gospel message delivered by Deacon Gheevarghese John at St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India in Philadelpha.

But in this time of Lent, we need to be asking another question, not just further we are making a differencee in the world, but are we making a difference in the lives of our friends and neighbours. Are you doing so?

That is what the Mor Gregorios Community Center and St. Mary Orthodox Church is all about...making a differnce in the lives of our friends and neighbours. But we need your help to do so.

To discover how you can making making a difference email us at, or call thecommunity center and church at 574=540-2048.

I know that you may getting tired of reading my call for help, but it is only with your prayers an your help that these programs will survive.

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