Sunday, March 8, 2009

Extend Your Helping Hand to an Ailing Orthodox Parish in India

We received this from our friend Alexander.  This is an important request from this small church in India in need.  Please keep them in your prayers and do what you are able to help them.

This is a formal request from the Orthodoxy Beyond Limits Forum. We would request all who read this to help an Orthodox Parish which is situated in the Thrissur Diocese of the Indian (Malankara) Orthodox Church- (Orthodox Church of the East).

Name of the Parish is St Thomas Orthodox Church, Elavanpadom, Chrukunnam, Pallakad.

Total Families - 30

The Parish is being reconstructed. The members of the Parish have poor economic background, most of them are engaged in agriculture and daily wage activities, which makes it very hard for them to financially support the construction.

Threat from Eastern Catholic Rite: Many a time the Malankara Catholic Rite (an Eastern Catholic Rite in India) has tried to steal the members offering them money, construction of a new Church etc. But the members strongly uphold the holy Orthodox faith and Tradition. Even tough the members have to face a lot of hardships, they have preserved and safeguarded the Orthodox Christian Faith and to the Orthodox Church.

Tint sheet is used as the roof material of the present Church building. The estimated budget for the building is India Rupees 300000. But now the budget has exceeded three lakhs of Rupees.

It is a humble request from the Orthodoxy Beyond Limits to make your valuable and generous donation for the construction of the Church. Kindly make any amount of donation according to each of yours capacity. Your generous help during the great Lent time will give more blessings to you and your family. What ever help you do for the poor and needy will counted in heaven, in God Almighty's account.

Kindly Note: Orthodoxy Beyond Limits does not handle any amount of money directly.

Kindly make your valuable donations to:
Fr Thomas Chamavila
Vicar-St Thomas Orthodox Church
Elavampadom (P O)
Cherukunnam PO
Kerala State
India- 678706

Bank Account Details:
Saving Bank A/C No 12533 with Canara Bank, Mangalamdam

Further Contact Details:
Fr Thomas Chamavila (Vicar)
Ph : (+91)04922-262818
Cell : +919446142786

Mr Pathros Attupuram- Trustee
Ph: +919446374492

Mr Baby Puthuserry ˆ Secretary
Ph: +919446875874

Mr Subin Varghese
Orthodoxy Beyond Limits Forum

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Orthodoxy Beyond Limits Forum


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