Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why go to church in the first place?

In this video, the author asks people on the street why they either do or do not go to church. Why should they go when they may not even know they need it? And how can they come to reaslize their need if they do not hear it from others, or see the effect of it in the lives of those around them?

And in this video, Fr. Steve Rice, Episcopal priest, asks why we should get out of bed on Sunday morning.

And again in this video the question is asked why people do not go to church.

This video suggests that we are the church in our neighbourhoods.

You can make a differences in the lives of your friends and neighbours. What are you doing today to do just that? What will you being doing tomorrow to make a difference?

Making a difference is what the Mor Gregorios Community Center and St. Mary the Protectress Orthodox Church is all about. Want to find out how you can help us make a difference in the lives of your friends and neighbours? Email us at, or call the community center and church at 574-540-2048.

Why are you not sending that email right now, or making that telephone call? The last video told of the old man who died sitting in his chair and no one discovered him for four years. Are you one of those who did not go looking?

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